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Pigment Booster Oil Gel 50ml

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An oilgel with special content containing "Pigment Booster" Complex 2, which accelerates the implantation of pigments. The effect of Pigment Booster® Complex 2 on tattooed skin is unique, it brings the skin to an ideal condition, regardless of skin type, which is the most optimal to implant the pigments. It has softening, hydrating and vitalizing effect that makes the skin flexible and elastic. It makes the surface of the PMU fine velvety and helps to create a uniform hue. When used during the treatment, due to its special agents the skin does not dry out, does not become irritated and sensitive, and it makes the whole process quicker. . It makes the skin more receptive, thus facilitates the pigments to get uniformly into the skin without unnecessary disruption of the skin. It enables quality work and shortens the workflow. The healing process can thus be smoother and it ensures more beautiful end result. 100% natural cosmetics, contains only natural, vegetable ingredients.


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