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Permanent Cosmetic Pigments


Permanent Makeup & Microblading Pigment Supplies Dublin Ireland

Doreme Permanent Makeup offers 117 pigment colors arranged in four lines differing in tone, color and consistency. The Doreme range includes products for the stylization of eyebrows, lips, eyes, paramedical implants (areolae), modifiers and camouflages.

Doreme Permanent Make Up products are designed for creative premanent makeup artists who desire unlimited possibilities of mixing and combining colors.

Doreme products obtain the desired consistency for given techniques thanks to special boilers, substance dilution and the enrichment of pigments. Boosters added to dyes during pigmentation enrich their composition with moisturizing compounds including hyaluronic acid, glycerol, sorbitol as well as extracts from medicinal plants that accelerate healing.

ROSA - Permanent Makeup & Microblading After Care Products

ROSA Herbal Skin Care helps your skin to receive and retain pigments easily and optimize healing process.

ROSA herbal skin care products Dublin Ireland


Permanent Makeup & Microblading After Care Products Supplies Ireland

Rosa Herbal Skin Care is all about highly effective organic cosmetics that are free from harmful materials made to help you achieve healthy and beautiful skin. Rosa products were developed through years of observation and experimentation with various active ingredients in a search for ways to achieve the best possible results. The product range was created with customers' high expectations in mind and thus makes use of the best natural ingredients available. The results are more durable colours and skin that is more receptive to pigments. This is the basis for Rosa products.

Rosa Herbal Skin Care present wide range of products used during and after micropigmentation, made exclusively from natural products by professionals for professionals.

Rosa Herbal Skin Care offer Green Soap, White Soap, Pigment Booster Balm and Pigment Booster Oil Gel used during micropigmentation and Fixing Serum, After Care Balm, Lip Care Stift and Eyecare After Care for post-micropigmentation care.

DEVICES - Professional Equipment for Permanent Makeup Ireland

Master Liners, permanent makeup equipment supplies Ireland

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